We help you choose the right AI, train it on your own data, and deploy it in a safe, private and cost effective way.

Why we do what we do.

Companies that are able to cost effectively deploy AI, train it on your own data, and use the right Large Language Models for individual use cases will have a massive competitive edge.

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We support over 12+ Large Language Models. We will help you select the relevant one for each use case.

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Import any data

Via CSV, API, or pre-built integrations with platforms such as Hubspot.

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Security and GDPR compliance

Our cloud solutions are fully hosted in Germany and comply with the highest security standards. We also offer on-premise solutions, either deploying solutions to your existing infrastructure or providing a fully managed solution.

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Exulu solutions are built from the ground-up to enable the power of LLM's at massive scale. Intelligent schedulers, auto-scaling and more make sure you can run thousands of jobs in parallel.

Example cases

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Code Analysis and Automation

To really enable the power of AI, we need to be able to have it understand your code. This requires a great vectorization, embedding and retrieval system, on top of an amazing LLM. We help you setup all of that in a way that is completely secure, either via our Germany based servers or on your own premises.

PDF extraction and enrichment

Want to convert PDF's into a work order object? Export the contents into a structured JSON format? Import elements from a PDF into external systems? We can help you set this up quickly and efficiently, whether on-premise or in the cloud in a GDPR conformant way.

Product Information Enrichment

Auto generate product descriptions, titles, tags, and more. Whether for 1 or millions products, we can help improve your SEO content for each product at scale. Other use cases include tonality and sentiment analysis and keyword extraction.

Customer feedback analysis and feature discovery

Analyse your customer feedback and discover where you can improve your products and services new features to build. Import feedback from tools such as Intercom, Zendesk, Exulu and more.

Website analysis

Run a contextual analysis of your entire website, identifying tonality of specific paragraphs, keyword distribution, tonality, typo's and more on a continuous basis.

Data Cleansing

Have an LLM help analyse and cleanse your data, whether it's a CSV, JSON, XML or any other format. We can help you setup a system that automatically cleanses your data, and even enriches it with additional data.

How we create success

Clearly defined processes, combined with the right tools and a ton of experience helps us realise our mission of enabling the power of LLM's for everyone.


"AI will act like rocket fuel for digital transformation, leading to billions of people working with thousands of different software tools to get jobs done every day. Exulu is on a mission to enable businesses of any size to effectively design, build and operate AI systems in an efficient and secure way."

The Exulu Founders19.10.2023