"AI will act like rocket fuel for digital transformation, leading to billions of people working with thousands of different software tools to get jobs done every day. Exulu is on a mission to enable businesses of any size to effectively design, build and operate AI systems in an efficient and secure way."

The Exulu Founders19.10.2023
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Help great teams become dream teams

With more people working remotely, teams working across time-zones and cultures, we feel it is important to outline our vision for the company culture of Exulu. Outlining the work environment we wish to create, the people we want to attract and the framework we will use to achieve this.

Local development

building an AI competency hub

With Exulu we aim to build a real digital success story for southern Limburg and beyond, building a global leader in its segment and a space where talented software engineers can flourish.

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The main pillarsof our culture policy

Life-long learning does not mean constant stress

We encourage curiosity, but do not force people to constantly reinvent themselves. The world is moving faster than ever, so we try to offer an environment that both fosters innovation, but also provides a safe haven, that we feel is the basis for real creativity and a positive culture. To do that we offer a variety of structured learning opportunities that you can engage with during working hours, including workshops, seminars, and classes, to help our employees stay up-to-date on new technologies and trends.

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Information is power, but only if it is shared.

We believe that by having clear and transparent career paths, personal development goals and business targets we avoid the office politics that lead to information hoarding so that everyone in the organization can access the knowledge and resources they need to build the best product for our clients.

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Human and ethical product design at the forefront

at Exulu, we prioritise human design and ethical product development, asking ourselves the question "should we" before "could we". We believe that technology should be used to improve the lives of people, not replace, exploit or monetise them.

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Actively strive to improve cross-cultural understanding

After all its only when we understand our differences that we can build really authentic connections.

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Self-organising work through Holacracy

We use holacracy to provide structure and clarity for our employees. The system allows for a self-organising work environment, where the default is to experiment.

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