Feature specific feedback using beautiful modern UX

Using Exulu's embed code, API or public page you can easily trigger feedback requests after specific events and assign feedback to specific features. Gone are the days of generic "how do you like our app", its time to find out what your users really like and what you could do better.

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Fully customizable

Use one of the pre-defined Exulu themes or fully customize your feedback modals using your own css!

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Intelligent triggers

Trigger feature specific feedback based on url's, specific user behaviour, button clicks in your application, embeddings on your public page and more!

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Trusted by leaders

Whether you are a scaleup, enterprise or a startup, Exulu's platform provides the ultimate solution to collect, analyze and act on software feedback.


"Before Exulu our roadmap was driven by internal bias and features were released without users knowing about it. Using Exulu's feature notification system we were able to increase our user engagement and satisfaction by 30%.

Replacing our generic feedback modal with feature specific feedback triggers further allowed us to zoom in and really understand user satisfaction at a more granular level. "

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Bernhard Engl

Founder Linkr Network

Reduce churn &increase revenue

Make your users feel heard by identifying important features and clearly communicating developments and releases.

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