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Empower your data with AI, seamlessly integrate large language models into your data workflow.

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UI for importing and embedding data at scale for LLM analysis

Exulu provides provides a UI to easily import any number of data-sets, prepare and tag them for analysis and then select from a library of prompts, or create your own prompt to enrich each item with custom fields.

Uncover priorities from existing data

Import from anywhere

You probably already receive tons of customer feedback, use Exulu's integrations and flexible import system to analyse your existing data.

  • HubSpot
  • ZenDesk
  • Intercom
  • Exulu (feedback app)
  • CSV
  • API
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tailus stat cards components

Example case

Prompt engineering that works at scale

Exulu was purpose built to make it easy for engineering teams to incorporate LLM's into their data workflow. Whether analysing thousands of customer conversations or millions of products, Exulu scales with your data using our advanced prompt builder and scheduler.

  • Advanced scheduler and job management
  • Prompt template gallery
  • Summarization
  • Enrichment

Example case

Get product management super powers, use AI to turn feedback into product ideas

Leverage the Exulu AI to convert unstructured client feedback into product ideas, feature descriptions and release plans.

  • Import feedback from any system
  • Identify new product feature ideas
  • Prioritize your roadmap
  • Convert unstructured requests into feature proposals
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Trusted by leaders

Whether you are a scaleup, enterprise or a startup, Exulu's platform provides the ultimate solution to collect, analyze and act on software feedback.


"Before Exulu our roadmap was driven by internal bias and features were released without users knowing about it. Using Exulu's feature notification system we were able to increase our user engagement and satisfaction by 30%.

Replacing our generic feedback modal with feature specific feedback triggers further allowed us to zoom in and really understand user satisfaction at a more granular level. "

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Bernhard Engl

Founder Linkr Network

Reduce churn &increase revenue

Make your users feel heard by identifying important features and clearly communicating developments and releases.

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